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Interoperable is a privately-owned British Private Intelligence Company with a history of supporting a diverse range of clients, from individuals to companies, the private sector and the third sector, professional services and the commercial world from Intelligence and Investigations through Training, Advisory and special projects. 

As a small enterprise, Interoperable can offer a service truly tailored to the specific, and somehow always unique, requirements of each client drawing from previous work without compromising confidentiality..

Senior Management

Founder and Director Albert James Galloni brings a strong operational background and extensive academic knowledge to Interoperable.

A UK Level IV-qualified Intelligence Operations Senior Analyst with experience running Financial Crime Intelligence and Investigation teams, Albert has personally delivered a myriad tactical and strategic Intelligence products focusing on all types of Financial and Economic Crime as well as sensitive Due Diligence outputs working with the private sector supporting Law Enforcement and Security agencies. 

He's the mind behind an upstream perimeter defence tool designed to identify bad actors based on the fusion of FININT and OSINT deployed in the financial services industry. 

A graduate with qualifications in Intelligence Operations (Level IV), Anti-Money Laundering, Counter-Terrorist Financing and Investigations, Albert's asymmetric and innovative thoughts on Intelligence and Investigations have been printed in the specialist press in the UK, US, UAE and Israel.

Contact: info@interoperableservices.co.uk

What Sets Us Apart

Remote Work

As a remotely-working organisation we are flexible and able to work practically anywhere. No cumbersome overheads or old fashioned approaches to work here.


Our website may be casual. Our demeanour relaxed. But we mean business. And having supported Law Enforcement and the Security Services, we know discretion and apply it.


Armies march on stomachs, but equally there is little that a good brew does not make better.

We Explain

Others may choose to 'data dump' and walk away. We take our time to explain our findings. The same findings we tailor after talking to our clients. Nothing is 'factory-made' here.

Greenwich Mean Time

We speak to Asia in the morning, Europe and the Middle East whenever we like, the Americas and the Caribbean in the afternoon. Time matters.

We 'speak Human'

Just because we like an acronym or two and are known to like a TLA, it doesn't mean we can't communicate. Fluent human is what we speak.

This is what drives us...

We approached Interoperable Services when it was clear we needed more quality information at a difficult time. Interoperable turned it around for us. The intelligence supplied by Interoperable was top notch, accurate, proven and simply made our position much more viable.

UK-based Third Sector Client


Our Ethos

We operate ethically and discreetly, always within the boundaries of the law, in the interest of our clients, creatively yet methodically and always strive to develop.


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